Individual Counseling & Psychotherapy

Individual counseling is a one on one collaborative process of skilled, creative problem solving.  Psychotherapy is the process of identifying and incrementally healing the root causes of recurrent life struggles.  Counseling and psychotherapy work hand in glove.

All meaningful counseling and psychotherapy happens within the context of the partnership and alliance between counselor and client.  The experience of building trust – of knowing and being known by another person – is the foundation of the counseling/psychotherapeutic process.  As you teach me who you are, you are also teaching yourself.  Together, we decide where we go from there.

Most individual clients come to therapy once a week for a 45 -50 minute session.  Longer sessions and sessions meeting either more or less frequently may be indicated based on individual need. “What’s the difference between counseling & psychotherapy?”

Send me a quick email or call (860) 678-8779 to schedule an initial consultation.  Telehealth options available within Connecticut.

“Jeanne, I am so grateful for you – for your patience, your tenderness, your authority, the breadth of your experience and your willingness to participate with me in the journey toward wholeness.” C.K. Winsted, CT

“Jeanne, I’d like to thank you for your guidance, patience, caring, respect, etc. etc. . . I will carry with me your smiling eyes and try and remember that silence is not always a bad thing. As I continue on my journey, I will be taking you with me. Thank you.” L.D. Unionville, CT