Group Psychotherapy

Groups are a wonderful, cost effective, emotionally supportive way to practice life skills, learn, grow, decompress and know you are not alone. The group experience allows for the development of social and communication skills, trust building, collaborative problem solving and emotional support. Why Choose Group Therapy?  See Events & Workshops.

Groups are ongoing, with dedicated participants, and meet every other week for 90 minutes. To maintain a sense of intimacy and safety, groups are limited to 7 participants. A cost-free initial consultation is required prior to joining a group to insure a good fit for both the new client and the group.  Present groups include:

Women’s Group for High Functioning Trauma Survivors

NEW! Every other week Group starting March 23, 2016, however, you can still join as long as there are openings! A cost free, no obligation interview is required prior to registering.

Call me to schedule your 25 minute individual appointment (860) 678-8779.
Doing well out in the world can feel very lonely when you’re a trauma survivor. In this group, we celebrate strength yet offer support for the hurt that continues to heal.

For more detailed information, go to Events.
Contact Dr. Folks for potential openings and to schedule your cost-free, no obligation consultation.

EFT Skills Group for men and women

Practice groups meeting once every six weeks allow you to build your skills and learn more advanced techniques.For specific dates and times, Contact Dr. Folks

“Love fills me and heals me as I open to connect with the people God has placed in my life. I am so pleased, Jeanne, that you are one of those people.” C.C. Weathersfield, CT