Endorsements & Testimonials

Professional Endorsements

I have known Dr. Jeanne Folks for more than 20 years and have provided more than 500 hours of individual case consultation for her since June 1995. The majority of therapies on which we focus concern complex trauma and dissociative disorders.

In our consultation, Jeanne and I often consult on her therapies as peers because of the depth of her experience and skill set. She demonstrates deep respect for her clients, a willingness to learn, good boundaries, a fine moral compass, and deep knowledge of psychopathology, resilience, and recovery processes.

Laurie Anne Pearlman, PhD
Senior Consulting Psychologist
The Headington Institute

Jeanne is an excellent therapist and consultant. She has a mature outlook and warm, open and reassuring manner. She is intelligent, well trained and well experienced as a trauma therapist, consultant, and teacher. She understands her own process as an intuitive therapist, and explains it well to her colleagues.

George E. Abbott, PhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
EMDRIA Approved Consultant



While I cannot guarantee any specific results because each person’s experience is unique, here are some things people have said about our work together.

What People Say About and To Jeanne

As a Therapist:

Jeanne is both here with me and for me.  I’m so grateful.  M.M.  W Hartford

I can’t thank Jeanne enough for helping me discover who I am and helping me to release the trauma I have lived through.  It is with her help that I am learning to love who I am and feeling powerful.  I would recommend Jeanne to anyone who is ready to heal their wounds.  She has an amazing gift and brings much needed love and compassion into her sessions. J.K.  New Hartford, CT

Jeanne, I’d like to thank you for your guidance, patience, caring, respect, etc. etc. . .  I will carry with me your smiling eyes and try and remember that silence is not always a bad thing.  As I continue on my journey, I will be taking you with me.  Thank you.  L.D.  Unionville, CT

Jeanne, Thank you for all that you are and the sweetness that you show me. You let me know how much more of me there is to find. M.B. Farmington,  CT

Love fills me and heals me as I open to connect with the people God has placed in my life.  I am so pleased, Jeanne, that you are one of those people.  C.C.  Weathersfield, CT

Jeanne,  I am so grateful for you – for your patience, your tenderness, your authority, the breadth of your experience and your willingness to participate with me in the journey toward wholeness.  C.K. Winsted, CT

As a Teacher:

Simply the sweetest woman on the planet – love her.  Student, CCSU

She was the best professor I have ever had in my life. She taught us so much not only about death and dying but about life in general and it has made me appreciate life so much more.  Student, CCSU

Had her for death & dying and social psychology. Got A’s in both classes and actually learned a lot in both.  She’s smart, sophisticated and fair.  Student, CCSU

Dr. Folks is not only an incredible teacher, but a warm, kind and understanding person. She exudes so much compassion for her students and goes the extra mile to teach from her personal experience. This class has not only taught me about death and dying, but about life and living!  Student, CCSU

Jeanne is very competent and caring.  She is very empathetic.  Student, UCONN School of Medicine

Jeanne is very encouraging.  She makes us aware of the importance of compassion.  Student, UCONN School of Medicine


What People Say About EFT and EMDR with Jeanne

The first time Jeanne did EFT with me, I was so impressed and amazed at how quickly it helped me get over an issue I was dealing with.  In one session, I released emotions that were affecting me for months.  I was able to just live my life and be happy.

EMDR helped me uncover childhood events that I had covered up because they were too painful to remember.  I didn’t realize how much they were affecting my life until they were uncovered and released.  Once they were uncovered, I was able to heal those old wounds and really start living my life, drama free.  J.K. New Hartford, CT