Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT and EMDR are both founded on the premise that each person has a natural, instinctive drive and capacity to move toward health and wholeness.  With skilled support and guidance, this natural capacity can be stimulated and maximized.

EFT is a powerful yet easy to learn process which combines tapping with your fingers on a sequence of acupuncture points while verbalizing thoughts, images and feelings as they spontaneously occur.  The release of emotional distress, physical pain and/or mental confusion are just a few of the potential benefits.  Most clients report guided EFT with an experienced therapist to be exceptionally powerful.

The basic protocols of EFT may also be used as self-help tools outside the therapy session.  If you’re not yet familiar with how to do EFT, go to my blog www.tappingprayerfully.com and click on the “How to tap” video.

Dr. Folks is Level I and Level II trained in EFT with additional training in advanced, trauma focused EFT protocols.

For additional information on EFT go to http://thetappingsolution.com/eft-practitioners/jeanne-c-folks-d-min-lpc/ or www.eftuniverse.com

EFT Counselor or EFT Coach: What’s the Difference?

EFT coaches are good people from all walks of life who want to be of help to others.  An EFT coach usually has several weekends of training in EFT and may have taken the extra step of certification in a 3 – 6 month process.  Some EFT coaches learn more through experience and continued self study.  They are not licensed or subject to oversight by licensing boards.  They are not authorized or equipped to diagnose or treat mental health concerns or personality disorders.  An EFT coach can be very helpful for teaching basic EFT for stress reduction.  An EFT coach may also be helpful in teaching skills for the handling of common, day to day life struggles.

A Licensed Professional Counselor, such as Dr. Folks, is a comprehensively and formally trained counselor and psychotherapist with years of study and thousands of hours of supervised clinical case work completed.  A Licensed Professional Counselor has also been vetted by the State in which she/he practices and has passed a rigorous licensing examination and/or additional evaluative procedures.  In the State of Connecticut, where Dr. Folks practices, 15 hours of Continuing Education are required annually in order for her license to be renewed. A Licensed Professional Counselor, such as Dr. Folks, treats a wide range of mental health issues and personality disorders when meeting one on one with clients.  EFT is one, very important tool.  Knowing when and how to use this tool, among many others, in a comprehensive and possibly complex treatment makes EFT in the hands of a Licensed Professional Counselor particularly useful.